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What’s Detox Massage?


Detox massage is a 100% safe holistic massage treatment developed by Rebecca Faria. It combines lymphatic massage with body contouring massage. The method aims to kick start the lymphatic system by driving out toxins, and minimizing water retention, to cleanse the body. All the toxins are directed to the urinary tract so they can be eliminated. Without water weight the skin becomes smoother and muscles more toned. The Detox Massage difference lies in getting rid of bloat - improving skin texture with visible results that can be seen during the first session.


Why do I need a Detox Massage?

Most of the stuff we eat has preservatives, food coloring, additives, or toxins - like alcohol or raw vegetables that may be packed with pesticides.

In an attempt to protect us, our body tries to filter these chemicals through our lymphatic system by throwing water on it. But, the lymphatic system cannot filter everything out. It gets overpowered by the excess water and toxins, causing us to get bloated.

The body is now clogged up with impurities which may slow down digestion, metabolic, and lymphatic functions. This may even promote inflammation, which on the skin, becomes cellulite. Detox Massage fixes all those little kinks clearing the lymphatic system and helping drive out toxins and excess water.


What’s different about this massage technique?

We came up with our own technique after years of practicing various methods, to find a unique combination of strategically performed maneuvers, that work effectively on all body types. Our method involves manual therapy, blood flow stimulation via light topical suction, endermologie, and cupping.


What should I do after I get a Detox Massage?

Within the next 3 days, our bodies continue the natural process of drainage kick started by the Detox Massage. During that period, we ask that you drink plenty of water, avoid processed foods and/or alcohol. That way the body can optimally flush out toxins.


What are the benefits?


In the short term 

You will see instant results. The bloat significantly goes down after the first session. We will take a picture mid-session and you will see impressive results. In the following days, you will see the signs. Your metabolism is getting faster, and you will feel your body working to get rid of more toxins. Do not worry if you go to the bathroom more often – this only means it’s working! 


In the long term 

When you come to Detox Massage regularly, you will see that your body has naturally gotten into better shape, is more toned, cellulite is minimized, and your skin is firmer. When combined with healthy foods, hydration, and routine exercises, the health benefits will increase and be more visible! Not only you will have a healthier body, but you will see, and enjoy, the beauty benefits as well.


Who’s Detox Massage
recommended for? 

Anybody who wants to get a healthier body. Please check with your doctor if you’ve been through any recent procedures, such as medical or plastic surgeries, or other health concerns. If you are currently experiencing, or have experienced, health threatening systemic illnesses, obesity, skin issues, and/or circulatory problems, please check with your doctor first, as Detox Massage may not be recommended for you. 


Does it hurt?

It has the same pressure of a regular / firm massage – so generally it does not hurt, unless you have very sensitive skin. Talk to your Detox Massage therapist prior to your session. Some redness is common since we are massaging to stimulate blood flow, which will help the healing process begin.


How can I make an appointment?

Due to high demand, we’re training staff and putting an all-star team together. In the meantime, please sign up for our waiting list and we’ll reach out to you as soon as we have availability. For cancellations, please read our cancellation policy*.

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We only ask because we may treat a female body differently than a male body. We may focus on a different set of movements or address typical problem areas that may genetically differ from one body type to the other.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations need to be made at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time. We ask that, so we have a window to fill in the time for the massage therapist you were supposed to see. In the event of a cancellation made less than 24 hours from your appointment you will be charged for a full session. Your short notice cancellation fee will be charged during your next visit. In the event of not taking financial responsibility for your dues, it may result in your regular time being awarded to a customer who is on our waiting list.